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Bryan Cole Photo, Inc. Bio

Thanks for visiting I am Bryan Cole. I seek opportunities to create interesting conceptual photography. Some of my photographic interests involve shooting vintage and antique items and things. They all have such a backstory. I also love shooting images of all types of people. I have a strong photojournalist background and enjoy bringing out aspects of people's character in portraits.

I grew up and went to school in Southern California, lived in Colorado for many years, and now live and create in North Dallas, TX.

*** I can be reached at 719.640.2211. Email me at bryan [ @ ] ***

Here are some fun facts:

favorite food:  definitely ice cream

languages other than English:  pretty good at Tagalog (Filipino), very little German

something you don't know about me:  electric guitar player for over 28 years and has been featured on a CD project

somewhat addicted to:  sugar

dislikes:  distracted drivers

one of many favorite moments:  mid-week snowboarding in knee deep powder at was epic!

educational accomplishments:  B.A Communications, Photo Emphasis - California State University, Fullerton

other accomplishments:  have owned a digital agency for over 16 years

passions:  creating great images that tell a story

lifelong dream:   adoption, it's been a long road, but know eventually this will happen

if I won the lottery:  I'd give a large part of it away

great trait:  creative problem solver

famous quote I like:  An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision - James Whistler

what do I like about what I do:  I enjoy creating images that communicate, and working with other creative people

client list:  Compassion international, Meredith Publishing, Design Rangers, Inc., World Vision, Orange County Register, NOVO Ink Publishing, HID Global, RF Axis, Inc., CEO Forum, Thomason Design Center, All About God Ministries, Andre Kole Master Illusionist, Gaddis, Kin, Herd & Craw, P.C., Cheadle Law, City Reachers, UDECO, TDK, What is the MAZE